July 25-27 2017
Philadelphia, US

The Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel  

Partnership Opportunities

Greater brand awareness; nurtured lead generation;
unrivalled networking opportunities

Supply Chain Operations & Compliance in Pharma Summit serves as a platform for pharma and biotech to share their transformation journey so far, ideas and views towards best practice and innovation in this spectrum. This meeting will showcase 20+ case studies and successful stories from Directors of Supply Chain, Operations and Trade Compliance from leading pharma and biotechs.

Through our conversations with market leaders, our audience is actively assessing the following solutions to achieve their supply chain objectives:

  • Real time data and information platforms – from track and trace to demand planning, our audience is finding the right platform that gives them on-demand and up-to-date information that aids planning and compliance monitoring.
  • Risk profiling and modelling dashboard – as supply chain becomes more global with multiple external parties involved, supply chain leaders require a much more thorough and holistic risk model. Being able to quantify risks along the value chain will assist a much better mitigation plan.
  • Brokers, logistics, warehousing and distribution service providers  Supply Chain Operations and Compliance teams are constantly evaluating which partners are compliant and certified, in addition to providing round the clock support with technologies to enhance security and operations.

If your company offers services and solutions to our audience, we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about the opportunities to profile your organization at this meeting and foster business relationships with 80+ KOLs in this industry, please get in touch with us at sponsor@hansonwade.com.