July 25-27 2017
Philadelphia, US

The Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel  

Workshop A
Thursday July 27, 2017

08:00 - 10:30
Changing Trends in Demand Planning and S&OP for Pharma

Workshop Leader: Mark Chockalingam, Founder & President, Demand Planning LLC

Some new approaches are emerging for demand management and IBP. With the advent of big data and analytical tools, companies now have the opportunity to implement processes that will allow for quick integration of market data, real-time visibility to supply constraints and balancing of demand and supply across multi-site operations.
The process maturity allows pharma companies to move from S&OP to IBP, where financial planning is integrated into the S&OP process; and executive decisions are made holistically considering both demand and supply.
This workshop will give you a comprehensive guide to how to implement and tips to extend this to IBP!

  • Challenges of applying demand planning in pharma – from commercial to production operations
  • Define your parameters on S&OP before putting this in place
  • Getting buy-in – who are your stakeholders and what do you need?
  • Next step: Integrated business planning – what are they key requirements to achieve success in IBP?
  • From strategic view to technical and operational inputs to make IBP work

Mark Chockalingam, Founder & President, Demand Planning LLC

Demand Planning - Mark C

Dr. Mark Chockalingam is the President and Founder of Demand Planning LLC, a Business Process and Strategy Consultancy helping clients across industries: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Fashion Apparel. His specialty consulting areas include Demand forecasting, Supply Chain Analytics, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain Optimization.

Mark has worked with a variety of client companies such as Pfizer, Miller SAB, FMC, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Honeywell, Lindt, Au Bon pain, Celanese AG, Coleman, Labatt, Venus Group, McCain Foods etc to help implement process and increase the usability of their solutions.

Mark edits the Forecastingblog and also frequently writes on business strategy topics in his personal blog. Prior to establishing his consulting practice, Mark has worked with manufacturing companies in important supply chain positions. Mark was Director of Market Analysis and Demand Planning for the Gillette Company, now part of Procter and Gamble. Before Gillette, Mark led the Suncare, Footcare and OTC forecasting processes for Schering-Plough Consumer HealthCare in Memphis

Mark has a Ph. D. in Finance from Arizona State University, an MBA from the University of Toledo and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Workshop B
Thursday July 27, 2017

11:00 - 13:30
Advanced 3PL Management

Workshop Leader: Karl Sliwinski, Manager, Sedlak Management Consultants, Inc. Workshop Leader: Davon Soltis, Senior Consultant, Sedlak Management Consultants, Inc.

While most pharma companies have 3PL management guidelines in place, senior executives are still struggling to gain full visibility of their logistics partners.

This workshop will delve further into:

  • Utilizing technology for ongoing monitoring and surveillance
  • How to respond to red flagged vendors
  • The importance to define liability upfront and risk mitigation
  • Dealing with pitfalls with your partners – who should be responsible?
  • Build a sustainable and long-term partnership with your 3PLs

Karl Sliwinski, Manager, Sedlak Management Consultants, Inc.

Sedlak - K Sliwinski

Davon Soltis, Senior Consultant, Sedlak Management Consultants, Inc.

Sedlak - D Soltis